Town meetings have come and gone and I have to say, I learned so much and walked away proud to be a resident of Rockingham and neighbor of Grafton and Westminister.

I grew up in Texas and was never exposed to democracy like I saw last Monday night. When I came of age and wandered up to my first polling place, I was a number on a stack of sheets and filled in bubbles attached to articles that meant very little to me.

But in Vermont? The articles are tangible, living things that are vetted, debated, supported and (mostly) passed after being brought before the town’s citizens.

Even better was witnessing just how invested these citizens are in the livelihood and future of their towns. They came with well-researched questions and positions and voiced them respectfully and tactfully.

Not only was I duly impressed, I was also grateful to not only be a part of the process now, but to also have the chance to represent Parks Place Community Resource Center to these towns who provide much-needed and much-appreciated funding.

I’m happy to say that the three towns whose meetings we were a part of passed our funding article with nothing short of kind words. We are incredibly grateful to be your neighbors and for the support the towns generously bestow on us.

Thank you so much!