Our Story

Founded in 1992

     Concern for the community brought together a group of dedicated teachers, parents, and community members looking to address the health, education, and human service needs facing the families in the Greater Falls area, who had–and continue to have–a high need for these services. From that beautiful beginning, a legacy began to grow and nearly 25 years later, Parks Place is a beacon of hope in what once was known as a “black hole” of services in rural Vermont. 

        Today, Parks Place partners with more than 60 state and non-profit agencies and organizations to bring the best of what’s available to the heart of the Greater Falls area. 

Focused on Community

Founded by neighbors, Parks Place stays true to its roots and meets our community where they are with what they need.

Connecting People and Resources

Whether its housing, addiction recovery, education, mental health or overall social services, Parks Place will connect people with the help they need.

Invested in our Neighborhood

The health and well being of our neighbors equals the health and well being of our organization, which is why we focus our programs and outreach on the issues facing the Greater Falls community today.

Meet The Team

Parks Place Community Resource Center staff members.

Megan Applegate

Megan Applegate

Executive Director (director@parksplacevermont.com)

Fabio Ayala

Fabio Ayala

Programs Coordinator (fabio@parksplacevermont.com)

Julie Cermola

Julie Cermola

Office Coordinator (julie@parksplacevermont.com)

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“Without Parks Place, my family and I would have been lost. They helped us find the services we needed when we needed them the most.”

“Parks Place is truly a one-stop-shop for any kind of service or information the community needs in terms of health, support, and housing.”

“We love Parks Place! The Diaper Bank has helped us out in a pinch more than once and we are truly grateful that Parks Place is here!”